Shades of Gray’s “Who We Are”


by Randy J. Hunt

Christopher J. Nuernberger has been documenting his perspective on the people and approaches that have defined the changing discipline of design in series titled Who We Are. He points to the work of Milton Glaser, Joe Duffy, Alan Fletcher and, one of my favorite artists, Andy Warhol. I was surprised and honored to see that our work was included in his review. In Chris’s words:

His name is Randy J. Hunt and he is changing the shape of our profession. No longer is it just OK to be a good designer. Now it takes a thirst to be so much more, to do things not only better but different and on a bigger scale.

Chris, we couldn’t agree more. Thinking big has helped a lot more people than it’s hurt. It is our perspective that we’re responsible not only for moving from A to B through design but also to imagine B to be the most healthy, enjoyable, sustaining enterprise it can be.

A huge thanks to Chris for including Citizen Scholar.