Field-Tested Books


by Randy J. Hunt

In 2003, Chicago-based design firm Coudal Partners launched Field-Tested Books, a charming project that collects reviews of books which were influenced by the reading locale.

This year’s edition, the third in the series features 143 reviews from more than 90 contributors including yours truly. I’m super-jazzed to be in such good company.

As a rockin’ thanks, Coudal sent over a print from the limited edition celebrating the series, designed by John Solimine of Spike Press. She’s a beaut.

Field-Tested Poster


Fresh on the heels of the whole project’s launch, Coudal began offering the book reviews in, you guessed it, book form today. Pick up a copy for only $17. I look forward to getting my hands on one. You can pick up the lovely poster too.